Stewardship 2019

As Orthodox Christians, we are called upon to be good stewards of all the gifts God has bestowed on us. Our stewardship commitment to our church should be an expression of gratitude for those many gifts, giving back to God in thanksgiving for the blessings He has given us. Orthodox stewardship is a mindset of thanksgiving. It is not a calculation of "How much do I need to give?", but a reflection on the questions "What am I thankful for?" and "How do I express my thanks to God for His gifts?"

The theme of our 2019 stewardship campaign, and stewardship campaigns throughout the Archdiocese, is "All things are possible to the one who believes in Christ" (paraphrasing the Gospel of Mark 9:23). Stewardship is an act of faith. When we believe, stewardship follows. Stewardship is faith in action; action motivated by humble gratitude to God for his blessings in our life.

This theme is especially appropriate for our church at this time, as we have made a commitment to reduce our reliance on festival income to support our operating expenses, and to devote an increasing share of our festival proceeds to good works such as the support of charities and missions and, more generally, spreading the Love of Christ in the world. This is an ambitious plan, whose success will hinge on the willingness of each of us to step up our stewardship commitments to support our ongoing ministries and activities.

We ask that you prayerfully consider making your commitment toward our 2019 stewardship drive. You may use the form below to make your pledge.

The 2019 Stewardship Committee

Jimmy & Elizabeth Horiates, chairs Tori Hirner
Christina Andresen Gus Kostas
Louis Antos Nick Peters
John Apostolidis Pres. Alexandra Poulos
Mirela Ceku Penny Shaheen
Jimmy Christon Alin Voicu
Boro Dedeitch Chrysanthie Yianitsas
Jim Dolmas Helen Zournas
  Nick Cimino / Dimitri Tsevoukas (PC liaisons)