Mission Blankets Update: Blankets needed!


The Mission Blankets project is in immediate need of blankets to send to orphanages in Haiti.

Yes, Haiti! But, you say, Haiti is hot. Well...

The blankets Haitian orphans will receive are the one personal item that belongs wholly to the child and to no one else. This is a blanket that is unique. It’s to cuddle with and get cozy, not necessarily for warmth.

Our committee takes the twin size or large throw blanket you donate and adds additional sewn on trim and other personalized items that make each unique.

There are currently 210 orphans in various orphanages in Haiti and we have enough blankets for 105 of them.

PLEASE consider reducing the remaining 105 to zero! We are ready to sew and ship but need YOU to help make this happen. Let’s fill the drop off boxes in our Community Center to the brim.

Can’t shop? Send a check and we will shop for you.

How do the blankets get to Haiti? Agape Flights, a non-profit air service, will ship for us to the missionaries waiting at the various orphanages. Will your blanket be on-board? We trust it will.

In the picture below, you see our first shipment of 30 blankets to be taken to one of the many orphanages in Haiti. In fact, the man on the right in a black shirt whose name is Chris Rasmussen is the missionary who will deliver this first shipment. Coincidentally, regardless of his name, he is ¾ Greek. How do we know? He sent us a thank you note and said he got excited when he noticed the shipment was from Holy Trinity GREEK Orthodox Church.

Karen Antos, Nancy Hebert, and Liz Michael