Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers (HTHD)

Dance has played an important role in the life of Greeks all through their history. In the ancient Greek societies, dance was held in high regard.  In Greece, today, and in Greek Communities abroad, traditional dances are still passed from generation to generation. Each region in Greece has preserved its own dances that are done at local feasts. Some of these not widely known local dances are at risk to become forgotten, but fortunately, there are systematic efforts of local organizations, like our own, to encourage older people to pass their talent and knowledge to the next generation.

Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers (HTHD) is dedicated to the education of its members and our community in the authentic Hellenic folk dances, music, folklore, traditional dress and customs of the numerous regions of Greece. Our goal through the Year Round Program is to develop pride in our heritage and fellowship among our youth.

For more information on HTHD, to join the dance troupe or to make a donation, please contact the church office at 972-991-1166 or Teresa Chantilis at teresa.chantilis@gmail.com.

Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers