Faith Enrichment classes begin October 2

If you are interested in learning about the Orthodox Faith join our classes every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Boardroom.

Purpose of the course: The course is designed for people who have an interest in Orthodoxy, whether they are just being introduced to it for the first time or whether they have grown up in the faith. It is for everyone who wants to have their faith enriched. Attendance will not guarantee entrance into the Orthodox Church, but is designed to give you enough information to make your own decision.

Recommended: Besides coming to classes in order to get yourselves acquainted with the practical aspects of the faith, it is strongly suggested that you participate in as many Church services (including weekday services) as possible moving forward. Check our website for updates on the calendar. Worship is the most important aspect of our faith and it is important that you get familiar with it.

October 2019 Syllabus for Faith Enrichment Class:

  • October 2 - Introduction and overview: Goals and highlights of the course
  • October 9 - The Early Church and the New Testament
  • October 16 - The Seven Ecumenical Councils
  • October 23 - The Church Fathers
  • October 30 - Vespers/Matins