Further updates on the services, May 16

May 16, 2020

Beloved Parishioner,

Christ is risen!

The task force met on Thursday, and plans for reopening are progressing well. They have been dealing with planning traffic patterns, seating, communications, RSVP for services, sanitary measures, and more. We appreciate their time and continued efforts.

We will still need some considerations and want to make sure they are clear before sending out a timeline. We are still not able to open this Sunday.

Out of concern for the spiritual and physical wellness of all, we want to have a clear arrangement before we sending that timeline. I hope to send one soon.

As we see different some other parishes opening, I know it makes it harder to wait. We will do our best to keep you informed and to keep working toward a plan that respects Church life and the health standards of this situation.

What to do in the coming days:

  • Schedule pastoral visits with your priests. Confession at church is open now by appointment, and it is an excellent preparation for the return to Liturgy.
  • If you are immunocompromised and unable to return service gatherings even when church does open, please consider scheduling a communion visit with us at church outside of service times. We are able to come to your home if needed.
  • Avoid divisive language among yourselves, on media platforms, with friends, etc., with regard to the troubling times. While we may feel bombarded by many mixed messages, all of our feelings must be directed to the Lord so that he unite us in the Holy Spirit.
  • Continuously communicate kindness and pray for each other.
  • Let us all remember we are Orthodox Christians, and we all want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and do His will. Some aspects of Church life have been far from ideal, but we know that one message that is not mixed is that the Lord calls all to salvation, that He gave his Body and Blood for us to have life, and that we are partakers in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age to come! The Lord loves us more than we know!

In this festal period of Mid-Pentecost let us continuously ask the Lord to "give drink to my thirsty soul of the living waters of true piety" and continuously pray to learn and do His will.

Love in Christ,
Fr. Peter

Linked here is a letter received today to all parishioners from His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah regarding Holy Communion.