OXI Day Celebration set for October 28th

The Greek School and Greek School PTA invite all Holy Trinity parishioners to join them on Sunday, October 28, for an OXI Day celebration and coffee hour following Divine Liturgy. Come celebrate the bravery of the Greek nation in its defiant "OXI" of October 28, 1940!

The children will offer a very brief program about OXI Day which will help to show its historic importance. Our theme for 2018 is "Why we celebrate OXI Day in Greek Orthodoxy."

The Theotokos and World War II
On October 28, we not only celebrate the brave actions of the Greek nation, we also celebrate the Feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos. This Feast is celebrated outside of Greece on October 1 st . However, after WWII, it was transferred to October 28 to commemorate the great help and protection of the Theotokos to the Greek nation throughout its history, and especially during WWII at which time many of her miracles were reported. It was especially at the front that the Virgin Mary was the protector and leader of those who fought for their country under difficult circumstances. The soldiers’ faith was so strong that they could see her encouraging them and “covering” them protectively, while they were fighting on the snowy mountain of Pindus and Albania.