Updates regarding the services

May 9, 2020

Beloved Parishioner,

Christ is risen!

While our hearts yearn to hasten to the temple of our Lord, and while we know that the participation in the Mysteries of Christ are central to our life, we also have many considerations to factor from health requirements and church directives before reopening.

Last night, we received the pastoral letter linked here from His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah. It has been emphasized that this detailed letter is not blanket permission to resume services, but rather it is a guideline for how to open when our particular parish is able.

Proactively, Harry Tomasides formed a task force with people of expertise before this letter arrived. The task force is taking into account about how to incorporate the civil health requirements together with the church directives to help find the best way forward. Thank you, Harry and task force.

While we will not be able to reopen liturgical services to the public at Holy Trinity tomorrow, the task force along with the Parish Council and Clergy are working on a re-opening plan that:

  1. Is in accordance with local laws.
  2. Is in accordance with Metropolis directives.
  3. Prioritizes the safety of our Holy Trinity community.

I look forward to communicating how we will be re-opening and ask for your patience and fervent prayer as we pray, measure, and plan the best way to proceed.

Additionally, while will not be able to resume non-liturgical gatherings in the near term, two things that can resume at church now:

  1. Confession with Father Peter or Father Mark by appointment only.
  2. Communion by appointment only.

You may contact us by email or phone directly.

This is a challenge for each one of us. We as clergy never expected that there would be a time where we would tell almost everyone to stay home! We cringe to say those words, and we know they hurt you as well! We have appreciated your thoughtfulness and are always glad to offer spiritual support!

Let us do these things together:

  1. Ask the Lord to bless the time of challenge as an opportunity to be strengthened in spiritual preparation to unite in person.
  2. As someone comes to mind, make a phone call.
  3. Thank the Lord for His great compassion, His understanding, and His constant message through the Church of concern for health of soul and body.

As Mother's Day approaches, may our Most Holy Lady, the mother of our Life -- the birth giver of Life Himself -- have us all close in heart. May tomorrow and all days be for everyone a blessed day of hope in the birth to eternal life.

Many, many years to all of you!

Love in the Risen Christ,
Fr. Peter