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2016- Godparent Godchild Sunday

In order to understand the role of Greek Godparents at Easter, it helps to understand what their overall role really is. Essentially, they’re tasked with guiding the Godchild during their path of learning about and practicing the Greek Orthodox faith.

Relationships between the Godparents and the Godchild differ greatly because it all depends on what the child really needs. If the parents of the child are avid churchgoers, the Godparent won’t need to get involved as much as they would if the parents don’t regularly attend church.

Even if you both take Holy Communion on a regular basis, it’s nice to set aside one day to take it together at some point during Great Lent or during Holy Week. This gives you and your Godchild a chance to spend some quality time together while also participating in a very special part of the Orthodox Christian Divine Liturgy together.
Godparent Godchild Sunday