Holy Trinity Caregiver Support Group

Most people will become caregivers—or need one—at some point in their lives.  A caregiver is anyone who provided basic assistance and care for someone who is frail, disabled or ill and needs help.  Caregivers preform a wide variety of task to assist some else in his or her daily life, for example, balancing a checkbook, grocery shopping, assisting with doctors appointments, giving medications or helping someone to eat, take a bath or dress.  Many family members and friends do not consider such assistance and care “caregiving”—they are just doing what come naturally to them: taking care of someone they love.  That care be required for months or years, and may take an emotional, physical and finance toll on caregiver families.

Many of our parishioners provide care currently or will provide care in the future to another adult, to children with chronic conditions or others.  Sometimes around he clock. To be sure, people are living longer today and aging-related conditions are more common that ever before and will continue to increase.  We may be caring for loved ones with dementia, cancer or other chronic condition, was well as children who require our loving care.

Caregiving may be more than a person can handle alone.  Caregivers tend to face tremendous uncertainty and often find themselves overwhelmed, unprepared, and uninformed.  Finding guidance, strength and hope through His Church is helpful to successful caregiving.

The Holy Trinity Caregivers Ministry meet at 10:00 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at the Church.  You may need someone to talk about issues you are facing as a caregiver.  You may require information about other resources that would be helpful to you as a caregiver.  We welcome you to join us, to share issues and to seek information from a parishioner who themselves have been or are caregivers.

If you would like more information about the caregivers group, please contact the church office at 972-991-1166 or by email at htgoc@holytrinitydallas.org.