Sanctuary Beautification Project


“I built a house to your name, a house holy to You, and prepared for You a place to dwell forever.”
2 Chronicles 6:2

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It is with much joy that we update you regarding the progress of our Sanctuary Beautification Project! We have made significant progress and are nearing completion with the main aspects of the project. It is our hope that after such a difficult year, having to deal with being separated from one another, that this project, while physical in nature, will spur each one of us to re engage in the life of our Parish.  It is our desire to see us safely return to worship together in our newly remodeled Sanctuary.


Many of you have inquired about supporting the project, but first we would like to discuss the history, origin and scope of the project with you. 


In the 105-year history of our beloved Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, we have resided in only three main Sanctuary structures, all in the city of Dallas, TX.  The original vision to move to our most recent location at 13555 Hillcrest Road began in the late 1980’s. Along with the beautiful exterior design, inspired by the magnificent Hagia Sofia in Constantinople, the interior received great attention to detail to ensure our Parish would experience the fullness of Orthodox worship.


Soon after the completing construction of our current facilities, culminating with our opening of the Church doors (Θυρανοίξία) in April 1994, we devoted our attention to the interior beautification (the Iconography) of the Sanctuary. Through the generosity of our parishioners over the years we were able to complete these magnificent writings and stories on canvas that adorn the Sanctuary and Narthex walls and ceilings.


One remaining part of the original plan that was not completed was the addition of hard surface flooring.  Spurred by a generous donation from a family of our Parish we embarked on this Sanctuary Beautification project earlier this year.  While the primary focus of this project is the new flooring, we also decided to extend the scope to include necessary additional improvements and repairs.  Remember, it has been 27 years since we opened the doors!


The scope of our project includes:

   1.  Terrazzo floors in the Narthex, Sanctuary, and parts of St. Barbara’s Chapel

   2.  Handmade mosaic inlays in several areas of the Terrazzo flooring

   3.  State-of-the-art audio equipment and speakers

   4.  Touching up the pews and replacing the padding/fabric on all kneelers

   5.  New carpeting in all other areas, primarily in the chapel, balcony, stairways and vestries

   6.  Painting all open walls and ceilings

   7.  Updating all the lighting, much of it with efficient LED bulbs, and adding some new fixtures

   8.  Refinishing all the marble stands in the Narthex, plus solea and altar floors

   9. Cleaning the Iconostasis, chanter’s stand, Bishop’s throne, pulpit, and two side shrines on either side of the Iconostasis

 10. Photographing and cataloging all the Iconography for an upcoming published icon book and video tour

 11. Cleaning and refinishing all chandeliers

 12. Light construction repairs in numerous areas throughout the Sanctuary


Please refer to the design boards here or below to see what the enhancements will look like when completed.


Given the expanded scope of our project, the estimated cost of the project is now at $375,000. Currently, $170,000 of the cost has been covered by generous donations, while $50,000 will be contributed from specific restricted funds of previously completed fundraising projects. This leaves approximately $155,000 to be raised from donations by our parishioners, roughly 40% of the cost.


We would love to see participation from all our parishioners so that everyone can share and rejoice in our collective effort for the glory of God.  We are grateful for the love and commitment that each of you have for our Holy Trinity Parish.  It is our desire and hope that every family contribute a gift that falls within their financial means. The main message of our request is not equal gifts, but equal commitment in helping us cover the cost of this project. 


Once again, we extend to all of you our thanks for your love and commitment to our Holy Trinity Parish and your participation in our Lord’s work of salvation.


May the Lord our God continue to bestow His abundant blessings upon us all!


~ The Sanctuary Beautification Team ~

along with the

~ Clergy and Parish Council ~


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