Listen to Sunday sermon podcasts on Podbean

Have you ever gotten home from church and wished you could hear that Sunday's sermon again? Or wished you could share it with a friend or family member who missed it? Of course, you could look at the video archives on our Worship Webcast page, but locating the sermon in a video of a Sunday Liturgy is not always easy.

Well, we've come up with a new way to access Sundays sermons—sermon podcasts! Going forward, audio recordings of Sunday sermons will be available on our Holy Trinity podcast site,, which is hosted on the Podbean podcasting platform.

You can listen to sermons on your computer, and also on your smartphone or tablet. Podbean has free apps for iPhones and Android devices; just search for Podbean in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you've installed the app, search for "Holy Trinity Greek" to find our podcasts. You can subscribe to our podcasts and receive notifications on your device whenever a new sermon is posted.