Holy Trinity Youth Ministry website rollout

Hello Holy Trinity Families!

Welcome to a new day for the youth of our parish! It’s also a new day for our busy parents…

Not only have we been blessed with our new youth director, Katie Andrews, but we’re also excited to introduce our very first youth ministry website. This site hosts ALL of the information you need regarding parish ministries for children between the ages of 3 and 18. This includes Sunday school, altar boys, GOYA, JOY, HOPE, youth choir, vacation bible school, Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers (HTHD), retreats and more! It will also act as the online marketplace for youth-ministry purchases.

Access to the site (in full) requires that you create a login and register your family. The registration process includes liability waivers necessary for participation and places your family on pertinent communication lists. Throughout the year, you can update your child(ren)’s enrollments, and much like school, every year you’ll be asked to update your family’s information. This site also features an opt-in directory so you can connect with our ever-growing community.

This year, the most pressing enrollments include Sunday school, HTHD and altar. If your child plans to participate in any of these, we ask that you take the time in the coming week to register them via your computer or phone. Katie Andrews will be present this Sunday with a sign-up kiosk as well.

We look forward to seeing all the children of our community grow in faith and love together.

First time user instructions, click here for instructions on registering.
Click HERE to go to the youth ministry website.

For any questions, contact Katie Andrews, 972-991-1166.