Stewardship Donation

“Well done good and faithful servant” 
Matthew 25:23


Thank You to Holy Trinity Parish from the Stewardship Committee!


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The Prayer of Stewardship

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the Good Steward, who redeemed Adam and Eve of their unsuccessful stewardship by offering Yourself for the life of the world. You did teach us in the feeding of the multitudes that whatever we give to God is returned to us manifold. You did praise those good and faithful servants in the parable of the talents who returned to the Master their gifts multiplied. So help us to learn the joy of stewardship, remembering that everything we have comes from You. For You are the Good Steward and to You we offer thanksgiving, praise and glory, together with Your Father who is everlasting and Your all-holy, good and life-giving Spirit now and ever and onto the ages of ages. Amen.


Thank you for your support of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Your stewardship helps fund the ministries that make Holy Trinity a special place to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.


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