Our Mission

The Greek School of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Community was possibly founded at the same time the Greek community was established, circa 1915.

The successful operation of the Greek School is based upon the determination, organization and teaching methods of experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

The basic purpose of the Greek School is to systematically and methodically teach the Greek language so that our children are able to read, write, understand, speak Greek, and express their thoughts in writing with precision.

In conjunction with these goals, the teaching of the Greek language is closely linked with the cultural and religious teachings of our ethnic group. The teaching of our history, our traditions, our folksongs and dances, our customs and our religion serve as a means of strengthening our children’s awareness of, and respect for, their religious and ethnic heritage. Moreover, their esteem for the moral and ethnic values of their ancestors will help them form a strong Hellenic Christian character.

The ultimate goal is to motivate our children to maintain and promote the values they have received from their parents and ancestors, and to keep them close to their fellow Greeks, to Hellenism and to our Greek Orthodox Faith.