Bookstore has many new items for Fall 2017

Autumn has arrived and with it the start of the new church year. Stop by the bookstore and pick up a planner/calendar published by the Archdiocese and incorporate your personal schedule with that of the church and a keep daily focus on Christ with Fast days, prayers, Saints of the day, and inspiration from the Fathers.

This month the bookstore is excited to offer another outstanding hardcover children’s book written by Jane G. Meyer, the author of several books for children, including The Man and the Vine, and The Suitcase which are also available in the bookstore. Sweet Song tells the story of a young Romanos who loves Christ and Theotokos and longs to be able to express his love with his voice. Unfortunately, he wasn’t born with the gift of music and the other cantors tease him until a miracle occurs! This is the story of how through prayer and devotion the most unlikely boy became known as Saint Romanos the Melodist.

We are also featuring A Patristic Treasure: Early Church Wisdom for Today, the Winner of the 2014 Word Guild Award in the book category “Inspirational/Devotional.” This book offers an excellent starting point for those who desire to read and understand the Church Fathers. “Patristic scholar James Payton makes the Fathers more accessible by selecting passages that are easily applicable to the average Christian’s life. With his help, we can all find stimulation, comfort, challenge, and inspiration in the Church Fathers.” (

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