Final phase of iconography project begins

The second, and final phase, of Holy Trinity's Iconography project has begun! The first phase of the project installed icons over the transepts and above the altar area; the second phase will see icons installed above the remainder of the church's nave.

Scaffolding in the main part of the nave was put in place during the first week of August. Initially, the scaffolding will support work to prepare the ceiling for the icon installation. The whole process, from preparatory work to installation of the icon panels, will take roughly two months.

A number of pews in the middle area of the nave will not be usable during this time, but the pews along the side aisles (and of course in the transepts) will remain completely open. The balcony/choir loft will be closed for the duration of the project.

We would also like to ask that everyone keep their children and themselves off the scaffolding. We appreciate everyone's help in making this a successful and safe Worship and Iconography experience.

We thank everyone for the generous support that made this completion of our church sanctuary possible.