Holy Trinity response to Dallas declaration of state of emergency

Beloved Parishioners,

As Christ's Body, we are most blessed to be united in the Holy Spirit, committing ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God.

With awareness of the declaration of the state of emergency in Dallas due to precautions related to covid-19, and with commitment to our saing relationship with Christ, physician of souls and bodies, the important notices are as follows:

  1. Liturgical services continue to take place.  If you are not feeling well or have compromised immunity for any reason, you have the blessing to stay home.  We pray for those who are absent for good cause.
  2. All non-liturgical events, i.e. classes, coffee hours, fellowships, dinners, organizations, etc. are canceleled until further notice.
  3. We will be following as we are able the Archdiocese directives (Communion is received in the usual way.  No books or printouts will be put out, liturgical veneration will be through bowing and not kissing, the priests will bless the people without offering their hand to be kissed, and distribution of andidoron or other blessed items will be placed into the faithful's hands by the priest's washed hand, avoiding hand contact and also avoiding placement of many hands into the bowl.) This will be the implemented until the state of emergency is lifted or until further notice.

May we always look for ways to love one another, and may the Lord who calls us to forgiveness of sins and everlasting life fill us with his hope and love always.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Peter