Holy Week Helper for Holy Trinity Families

A message and a valuable resource for all Holy Trinity families, from our youth director Demetrios Buck:

We are almost to the start of Holy Week! It will be so different this year, but that does not mean many things have to change. We will still be able to participate with the online services and many activities we know and love: We will have to enjoy everything at home!

Here is a guide for all Holy Trinity Dallas families, and beyond, to help ease their week. Take a look, with service times and activities each day. I hope this will help everything feel like any other year!

Keep posted on the Holy Trinity Dallas Facebook page with videos and pictures, and please share during the week how the activities are going! I would love to see all the kids faces enjoying Holy Week 2020.

I so wish we could all be together, but please know you and your children are in my prayers this week.

Any questions or comments, please reach out!

In Christ,
Demetrios Buck
Parish Youth Director