Upgrade of our parish website

The Archdiocese's Department of Internet Ministries−who graciously host our parish website and provide us with design templates and technical support−recently moved our website, and others they host, to a new server infrastructure. This allows for better site security and easier maintenance, and in the process refreshes our website design.

The new design is similar to our previous design, so you should not have trouble finding resources you are accustomed to accessing. It does have a bit more modern look and feel, and gives us new tools to feature important content for our site visitors.

And another plus of the switchover: You'll notice our site is now secure, "https", so your browser will no longer show an insecure site warning in the address bar when you visit.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be making some tweaks to the site, so that its organization better fits the new design and the content takes advantage of some of the new design features. If you ever find that you can't locate a resource you used to access or if a page just "doesn't look right", please let us know, either by contacting the church office or by emailing the webmaster.